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June 1, 2020
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June 1, 2020
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Treatment of Scars in San Antonio

Scars may develop after a surgery for example a cesarian section (post-surgery scar) or an injury to the skin (post-injury) such as a car accident or skin burn. According to Dr. Ghohestani who spent years in research at top dermatology research institutes in Europe and US, a scar may develop once the dermal-epidermal junction is compromised. Dr. Ghohestani’s team has spent years in identification and molecular characterization of dermal-epidermal junction molecules such as laminin-5 which are implicated in wound healing to avoid scarring.

At Texas Institute of Dermatology, we offer a multidimensional approach for treatment of scars whether they are developed after a surgery, burn, car accident, a fall or any type of skin injury. Our dermatology experts are world renowned for successful treatment of scars. Scar treatment options depending on the site, age and type of scars may include: Fractional Co2 laser, AFT light treatment, scar revision, or Z-plasty. You will be first seen by Dr. Ghohestani or one of his associates who would carefully examine the scar and design a treatment plan based on your individual need. Sometimes a scar may be associated with hyperpigmentation and dark spots. In later case, iBright which is designed for hyperpigmentation may be offered in addition to the scar treatment.

This unique multi-dimentional approach in scar treatment does distinguish us from other centers in which may only offer one treatment for all types of skin scars. Our fully trained staff at TXID San Antonio Scar Clinic utilize the latest technology for scar treatment.